APNPI Mentorship Program


Working your way through the APNPI pathway to achieve credentials, accreditations and designations can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. You may even need some guidance reaching your full potential through APNPI programming but are left wondering where to start. That’s exactly why we have built out a mentorship pairing program to partner you with an accredited member who can help you to achieve your QNP certification, earn accreditation in the category of your choosing or help lead you along your path towards a designation.

An APNPI mentor can help you to reach your goals by:

  • Helping you to unlock the benefits of APNPI Membership
  • Clarifying the APNPI pathway to earn certifications, accreditations and designations
  • Reviewing your submission portfolio for certification and/or accreditation
  • Ensuring easy access to educational APNPI resources and programming


Are you interested in participating in our Mentoring Program?

Our members are individually matched with a mentor based on their needs, niche and preferences. Once a member has been matched, they can expect to meet virtually with their assigned mentors approximately 1-3 times, or as needed to define and meet their APNPI goals!


Are you accredited and interested in becoming an APNPI Mentor?

Have you achieved accreditation in at least one category? Are you working towards a designation with APNPI (Craftsman / MAsters)? If so, we’d love to invite you to apply to become a mentor in our APNPI programming. Mentorship can be a rewarding manner to earn service merits and valuable experience instructing others.