Judges Packet




Preparing - Items to consider in preparation for the Judging Event

Desktop Considerations:

It is advisable that you prepare 2 screens for the upcoming judging event.
We advise, viewing the broadcast on the least reliable screen while utilizing a calibrated desktop situated in an environment with controlled ambient lighting for viewing of high resolution files. You are free to choose your calibration software (such as Datacolor Spyder or X-Rite Color Munkey). Again, please avoid the use of laptops, iPads and or mobile devices for viewing of high resolution files throughout the duration of your judging commitment. These screens are appropriate for broadcast viewing only.



Please turn off all device notifications and consider placing your viewing monitors on “do not disturb” or “airplane” mode. In this same vein, we ask that any mobile devices you might have nearby are turned to silent and that you unplug or forward your calls for any land wire telephones to avoid noise disruptions.

Whenever possible, we ask that you judge from a location that is free of distractions including but not limited to dependents, noisy animals, doorbells, timers, microwave ovens, televisions and any other noises or disruptions that may pull your attention, that of the other judges, chairs, transcribers or attendees from the judging process. We ask for your full attention throughout this process and that you avoid multi tasking while judging.



While the majority of the broadcast will feature voice alone, please anticipate introduction and wrap-up on-screen appearances.

For your appearance on screen, we ask that you situate yourself in an optimal area with sufficient light directed at your face and avoid positioning yourself with windows or doors to your back to avoid high contrast and blow outs. In general, we ask that you position yourself away from natural light windows wherever possible. Artificial lights can be turned off after your video introduction in order to return your viewing area to optimal image viewing conditions under which your screen was previously calibrated.

Please try to ensure a clean and simple background for your video portion free of clutter and reflective surfaces such as mirrors, windows, screens or televisions.


Wi-fi Connection:

The event will rely on a consistent internet signal. Please ensure you are judging from a controlled environment such as your home office, office or studio space known to provide a strong internet connection. Please avoid judging from areas such as cafes, diners, libraries or other common spaces where distractions and wifi availability and reliability are less controlled.


Judging Policies:

For now, we thought the following information would be important to review:

  • In the event of illness or emergency, please indicate your impending absence as early as is possible in order to facilitate hiring of a new judge
  • Active judges will rotate throughout the event with at least 3 active judges and 1 resting judge at all times
  • This packet includes important handouts you may reference while judging
  • Please consider printing handouts to ensure they are easily available to you
  • Submissions will be presented anonymously. Should you recognize a maker, please do notidentify them by name throughout judging
  • while on break, we ask that you remain present and available should we need to rotate you into replace another judge
  • Should you require a break for any reason (bathroom or otherwise) please do ask for onebetween submission judging rather than during the judging process of a maker’s submission
  • Consider keeping pen and paper on hand for note taking.


Judging Timeline & Procedures:

  • We will spend the first 15 minutes reviewing procedures and answering your questions
  • Recording will begin with an introduction to the event followed by an introduction of panel members
  • A panel chair will be present and will run the event
  • Judging will begin
  • Submission entries will be randomized by maker and category
  • Critiques should be kept to around 30-45 seconds each
  • The chair will call on judges for commentary. Please do not speak out of turn but instead wait to be called on by the chair.
  • Please plan to be in attendance for the entire duration of the commitment


Scoring Reminders:

We encourage you to approach each image as a high scoring image and detract points. Thus every image starts with 100 points. Please keep in mind that images must meet a minimum mark of 75 in order to be accepted for Accreditation. Images must meet a minimum mark of 80 in order to be awarded in Competition. An accepted image for accreditation is slightly above working standards yet not necessary award winning.


Important Deadlines to Remember:

  1. Headshot and Bio are due within 72 business hours of contract signing
  2. Recusals and disqualifications are due within 48 business hours from access to submission files
Preparing - Judging Approach

The fundamentals of APNPI Judging are formed in conjunction with the APNPI code of ethics, and based on Respect, Integrity, Caring, and Trust.


  • As a privileged judge, it is important to set a tone conducive to learning and growth.
  • Respect the maker’s willingness to put themselves up for judgment.
  • Always attempt to understand the maker’s message.



  • Judges are expected to recuse themselves when they hold bias towards a maker
  • Set personal feelings aside. Feelings of “like” or “dislike” of an image or parts of an image are irrelevant
  • Be flexible enough to allow for creativity in breaking “rules” where and when it contributes to the overall impact of the image



  • Understand that the maker’s intent may be lost on you. Just because you don’t see it right away, doesn’t always mean the image is lacking
  • Be open to score adjustments when you’ve missed an impactful element in an image.
  • Each image should be treated with the same attentive and authentic care that one would want for their own work


Trust – Generosity of Spirit

  • Trust is fostered in an encouraging environment.
  • As a judge, you hold power to make and break a photographer’s spirit.
  • Your encouragement is valuable and is a light to others… share it generously!
  • All images will have something to commend, and doing so will not only encourage the photographer but will also serve to keep the session positive.
Judge's Print Outs

Please click here for your Judges Print Outs

Please remember to invoice APNPI Inc. at invoices@apnpi.com for $100 CAD (per day that you served as a judge) within 30 days of the first judging date. Please include INVOICE in the title of your email.