Welcome to the APNPI Ambassador Program


Benefits of Being a Brand Ambassador

  • Opportunities to:
    • Gain influence as an Influencer
    • Grow your following by providing value
    • Build your own brand

Our Goals

  • Help build your brand presence
  • Help your audience grow and tap into helpful programs offered at APNPI 
    • increase awareness of APNPI programs (Accreditations, Education, and Competition, etc)
    • Increase awareness of events (judging events, feedback Fridays, mentoring program, fireside chats, etc)
  • To build trust and long term relationships both within the APNPI community and the greater photography community.
  • To get the word out about what APNPI has to offer Newborn Photographers.

We love connecting community!


Perks and Incentives for Ambassadors

 Regular Ongoing Perks – Our best Ambassadors are integral parts of our community, and are familiar with the APNPI programs.  We welcome feedback on your experience and consider your voice an important one that can reflect the experience of our members.  We’re proud to be able to offer all Ambassadors the following access:

  • Complimentary APNPI Platinum Membership 
  • Complimentary Accreditation(s)
  • Complimentary competition entries per competition
  • Promo codes to give to your students


  • Ambassador badge and graphic for your site, marketing, etc
  • Profile listed on the APNPI Ambassador directory page
  • Special blog feature to welcome you as a new Ambassador
  • Shoutouts on social media (on a rotating basis) (share reels)
  • Special Features with our Fireside Chats and related promo
  • Provision of references and reference letters upon request


  • After 6 months, you’ll be eligible to be featured in the  “Ambassador of the Month” series promoted on our social media and blog.  (Ambassador of the Month is awarded based on participating in APNPI programs, the community fb group interactions, and social media posts above the minimum requirement.)
  • Quarterly draw for a prize – Each month’s social media post earns you an entry into the quarterly draw.


Responsibilities of APNPI Ambassadors


Participate in APNPI Programs – Complimentary Access Includes:

  1. Accreditation submission – (private judging is available for Ambassadors by request)
  2. Compete annually in the APNPI Image Competition
  3. Access and be familiar with the APNPI Academy Masterclasses and Thrive Series Courses.

Monthly Participation

1. Social Media Posting – APNPI Ambassadors promote APNPI to their social media audience (must include public page if you’re also including a private group) – one or more times each month.

2. APNPI Community Facebook Group – APNPI Ambassadors pop into the community Facebook group with a conversation starter once a month (or more).

Yearly Participation

  1. Share your fav tip for success – Submit one – 30 sec video tip each year. (Max length -1 to 3 minutes, short, sweet.  This could also be a studio tour!)
  2. Participate in a Fireside Chat on a specific topic.  (These are a fun favourite!)



  • We aim to connect with all Ambassadors several times a year, to build great relationships, offer support, and to facilitate upcoming events.
  • We are always available for questions and support.

Details – Ambassador Social Media Posting

Types of Content to create

  • We will send you current APNPI events on a monthly basis.  Use this info as a starting point, and express your own unique voice and methods (imagery, video, fun clips, etc) that are consistent with your brand and familiar to your audience.  Be yourself and have fun with it! 
  • We encourage you as an Ambassador to express yourself!  Always feel free to promote YOUR brand authentically and in your own voice.
  • Be sure to tag @apnpi so we can see your posts!

Hashtags to include – Please make use of the hashtags you usually use, and add in #apnpi


APNPI Ambassador Program CONTRACT

If you’d like to become an APNPI Ambassador, please fill out this form!  We excited to connect and get started!

Mailing Address
Mailing Address
We love connecting and have a passion to see others grow! Our number goal is to help you grow as a social influencer - our participant requirements are carefully curated with that in mind, and are geared to be dynamic, engaging, and meaningful.
Please check the following that apply to you.

→ Please indicate your preferred topics and availability for your yearly Fireside Chat by filling out the form HERE.

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Please upload your three 30 sec video tips HERE.

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