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Distinguish yourself as a credentialed Professional Newborn Photographer!

Welcome to the world’s first photographer’s association dedicated exclusively to newborn photographers!


Distinguish yourself as a professional newborn photographer with internationally recognized and standardized APNPI Credentials.

Merit Award Image: by Tina Kraft

Professional Credentials

Earn certifications, accreditations and designations to distinguish yourself as a professional.


Image Competition

The APNPI holds bi-annual image competitions that attract the finest newborn photographers.


Resources on everything you need to run a thriving business!

“I’m so happy this exists! So many associations just ask for one or two pics, a website and that’s it! Anyone can do that. After completing APNPI’s certification I understand how being a member of an association should be!  You have to work for it, you have to earn it!! That’s what will make you stand out from the bunch!”
Marcela Limon

APNPI Member - QNP Certified, Lemonshoots

“By joining APNPI I hope to find support and guidance for my professional development. At the same time,  I am also hoping to help in building a stronger community of newborn photographers that seeks better standards. I think with the rapid growth of our industry and the number of incidents involving safety and ethical concerns, we need to have an organization that provides credential and accreditation to ensure we create a stronger community of photographers. As a newborn photographer and teacher, I take so much pride and importance to the work I do and I want clients to have more respect and appreciation towards our industry and that can only be done if we work together by bringing up the standards-in all levels.”

Diana Picek

APNPI Member, Diana Picek Photography