If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that we just LOVE newborns!

APNPI formed out of a passion to give professional recognition to Newborn Photographers, and to connect through a safe and respectful place for everyone to grow, learn, and thrive as small businesses.

Our vision is to create a vibrant international community of professionally recognized and certified Newborn Photographers by providing opportunities to earn professional credentials to those who are dedicated to excellence in their craft and success in their business.

Our Mission is to bring professional recognition to newborn photographers and awareness to the public through:

  • educating the public on the value and high standards of APNPI certifications and designations, thereby giving professional recognition to APNPI Newborn Photographers.
  • leading the way in educating newborn photographers in business, safety, and artistic newborn portraiture.

What we Provide:

Professional Credentials including:

Qualified Newborn Photographer Certification (QNP)

Category Specific Accreditations

Masters Designations

Image Competitions

Directory Listings

Client Education and Marketing

Resources – including educational, business, marketing, legal and more!

Member Benefits