Use of Safety Badge

While newborn safety is a pillar of our association, our course and the available course are meant to demonstrate awareness of typical newborn safety issues the newborn photographer will face and is not a competence test or certification.

Bearing this in mind, we are looking for your feedback regarding how our membership can promote their completion of the course and associated test as many in our membership are asking for modification on our current procedure.

At present, our members must first take the course and test before they are afforded access to our QNP certification. Once the test has been passed, they will receive a limited listing in our directory that identifies that they have passed the safety test and states that the member is currently working on their QNP certification. Once the member has become QNP certified, their listing is upgraded to a full listing through which they can display imagery and receive inquiries. The member is also now able to advertise their membership to the general public and may display both the QNP Certification and Safety badges.

There has been some request for a change in procedure allowing members to display their safety course / test badge prior to applying for QNP Certification.

We are struggling with the following key questions and would very much appreciate feedback from our membership on the direction they would like to see in terms of any changes to usage of a Safety Badge and/or advertisement of the members status/membership prior to QNP Certification completion:  

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We value the voice of our members and thank you kindly for taking the time to share your opinions, and to have a say in the direction of our association as we move forward on this issue.  We have an amazing community here, thanks for being a part of it!