Written by: Jennifer Robyn

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Come join us on Tuesday November 21st, 2023 for our bi-annual International Image Competition Judging Broadcast. Watch and listen as our trained and qualified judges provide insight on the most recent set of International Image Competition Submissions. Makers from this round submitted to the categories of Maternity, Newborn, Milestone and Creative. Learn tips to prepare for image competition and improve your artistry from industry experts with an eye for detail. You’ll have access to the replay for a full 24 hours and can watch at your convenience and on your schedule. We wish the best to all the makers from this round of competition submissions!
Tianna Jarrett-Williams APNPI Judge

Creativity and impact! These are strong elements for me.

Attention to details and care taken when creating art.


Tianna Jarrett-Williams is a maternity and newborn photographer based in Birmingham, United Kingdom where she has a small studio near to the city centre. Her love for this speciality grew from her past career as a professional and registered nurse and midwife. Whilst photography began as a hobby after the birth of her first daughter, she quickly fell in love with the craft and soon became consumed by the desire to be creative. After navigating a few specialities, Tianna settled on the art of pregnancy, motherhood and newborn photography because these genres in coalescence with her passion for women becoming mothers and their journey through motherhood inspires her daily. Whilst the primary focus is on maternity and newborn photography, Tianna does enjoy creative and styled projects with a special interest in culture which often can be appreciated in her work. Tianna lives with her two young children Zara and Olivia; and long term partner Ashley, near Birmingham.
Autumn Skoczen APNPI Judge

Wow factor has a tendency to trump all. Being intentional with your work and really applying an understanding of lighting, shadows, lights, colors etc to tell your story will bring impact is what I look for.

Autumn Skoczen’s passion for photography has awarded her several international accolades and recognition. Specializing in maternity, newborns, and composite editing, She loves challenging herself with lighting, AI technology and diving deep in the evolving world of photography. She teach lighting, editing and business classes regularly as Autumn also shares a passion of helping other entrepreneurs and artists being their vision to life. She lives in Cleveland Ohio with her four kids and 2 dogs.

Angelica Sam APNPI Judge

I’m looking for overall consistency within the body of work submitted. I’m also looking for a clear understanding of lighting and composition. Lastly i’m looking at posing technicalities.

Angelica Sam is a published photographer and educator located in Houston, TX. She specializes in newborn, maternity, and baby portraiture. Angelica is an ambassador for Dreambooks Pro and APNPI. She appreciates the people met, the stories told, the hours kept, and the capturing of some of life’s greatest milestones.

Jennifer Gilbert APNPI Judge

I am looking for images that have a wonderful story, great composition and excellent technical skill. Each image will receive equal attention and consideration.

Jennifer Gilbert CPA is a Nationally Accredited Family and Portrait photographer, as well as Accredited Judge, with the Professional Photographers of Canada. She has been photographing families at all stages of their lives since 2008 and recently celebrated her 15th year in business. Jennifer is based in Tottenham, Ontario, and her images are classic and timeless. Her clients love to hang artwork in their home from their session. She prefers to photograph families outdoors at a location that is special to them. She ensures each client feels special and takes them through a consultation and image reveal meeting.

Jennifer Robyn

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