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Newborn Photography is a Job! | Information for Photographers and Parents – by Patricia Van Den Bogaart


Newborn photography is a JOB! Today once again shown that it is not always clear at all. Unfortunately I hear lately a lot of accidents with these small vulnerable newborns. When I started with newborn photography I said that I wanted to go and put this part of photography on the map in the Netherlands, but I had something else in vision than what it is now … that makes me genuinely sad and hurts me. Those who know me know that I am someone who will take action and step forward instead of just pointing the finger.Am I making friends with that … my experience NO but honestly … I don’t care that much about it. I am concerned about the safety of the newborns, which must never be a discussion in my opion. So just small talk for the sideline doesn’t suit me. I want to make a difference for newborn photographers. Not knowing all isn’t a bad thing, it gives you just the opportunity to learn things as long as you are open to it.

An investment in a newborn photographer is based not only on someone’s time or what you’re getting but mainly on the experience of that person and knowledge of the profession itself, and above all, the most valuable thing who will get in your life your own child who are you trusting to work with them a baby, vulnerable and small. As parents, you should be able to rely on the knowledge of the photographer, but unfortunately that is not always the case.


In this blog I want to start and point out a small part in newborn safety but feel free to ask to in the comments and certainly there will be more blogs about it. The only way to grow is to share…that is what I believe…


Newborn photography includes many facets that must all blend together to make a good photograph. An important aspect is safety in the widest sense of the word.


Safety is the most important thing with the newborn itself!


How did the birth go is a standard question where I start with. It creates a bond of trust with the mother / maternity nurse and it gives me insight that I need to consider or what I can expect. It is possible that they have broken a collarbone while given birth because the birth canal was to thigh or the birth went to quickly.


The KISS syndrome also occurs regularly. In short, this means that a vertebra is then shifted during birth. Caution applies that the poses where they hold the head up is not desired. Personally I think if you work with such a delicate thing like a newborn you need to have knowledge about newborns as well and not only about photography.


Newborn photography is much more than just taking a picture. The baby’s head is the heaviest part of the baby itself. It is approx. 25% of the total bodyweight of the baby. The cervical vertebrae are not strong enough to carry the weight of the head be itself so it is important that the head is supported at all times in any pose.



Especially when using props, it is important to pay attention to this in the pose where they are posed on the edge of the basket or bowl. In fact, the babies are not posed on the edge but they are pose on a pile of blanket so it looks like they are posed on the edge but in fact they are not. This way they are properly supported at all periods of time. Also being posed on the edge itself can cause a disruption of the blood circulation and secondly the newborn can tilt over faster with the head.


The blood circulation of a newborn is very sensitive because they have very fine delicate blood vessels so it can happen that a red or purple discoloration will appear in affected part. It happens mostly in hands and feet. This is because the vital organs need the most blood and small blood vessels such as the hands and feet get less blood. These are not fully developed because the vital organs in the base are more important. This can occur in each pose, and it is therefore important that this is adjusted, and the pressure of that spot taken down so that the blood circulation comes back on stream. A newborn that is asleep will not wake up because it is not pleasant so it is definitely something we should watch out for as a professional newborn photographer.


Hopefully you already got some information that is important during a newborn session. Always keep safety in the back of your mind while photographing a newborn.No photograph is worth that something will happen with a newborn.


Leave a comment if you have questions and I will make sure to wright more blogs about it.


Thank you for your time and attention to read this.
Love Patricia

Patricia is the owner of Patricia Van Den Bogaart Fotografie.

Specialized in fine art newborn photography that is pure, exclusive and timeless. Available in studio and location, working with natural light only.

Newbornphotography workshops & mentor focussed on quality not volume.

Workshops & mentor van hoog niveau gefocust op kwaliteit, niet op volume.

Bronze award BPP Germany Silver Qualification the Netherlands.

International Portrait Photographer of High Performance.

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Meet the Judges


Julia Kelleher is a Master Photographic Craftsman, Master Artist and PPA Certified Professional Photographer from Bend, OR. Opening her business over 10 years ago, she operates a 2600 foot retail studio and specializes in newborn, children and family imagery. She is an experienced print competitor and has been trained in the PPA affiliate judging system. A two-time Diamond Photographer of the year, multiple platinum & gold medalist, Canon Par Excellence winner and Lexjet National Award winner, she has 19 images accepted into the PPA loan collection, along with a Platinum and 2 Gold distinction awards from WPPI. She has had 4 images score 100 points in competition. Julia also educates other photographers worldwide, through her online school Jewel Education and via Creative Live.


Charlotte Gamache – Originally from the UK, Charlotte Gamache is an award winning portrait photographer based in Vancouver, Canada and specializing in newborn & maternity photography out of her independent professional studio. With over 20 years of experience working in the photography industry, Charlotte is currently in her 8th year of business and has photographed hundreds of newborns, sitters and maternity clients. With her extensive knowledge of working with newborns, Charlotte is currently travelling all over Canada to teach newborn photography workshops and will soon be teaching internationally. She also offers private 1:1 mentoring as well as serving as an Ambassdor here at APNPI.

Lizzy McMillan is an APNPI Qualified Newborn Photographer, PPA Certified Professional Photographer, and APNPI Ambassador with a boutique maternity and newborn studio in Downtown Mesa, Arizona. She has specialized in newborn portraiture for nearly a decade and has photographed over 1200 newborns. Her extensive work with newborn twins, triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets has set her apart in the photography industry, garnered international acclaim and has earned her the apt moniker “The Multiples Whisperer™”. Lizzy is passionate about documenting family history and preserving the important moments in her clients’ lives. When she’s not snuggling newborns or teaching other photographers the art of photographing multiples, she and her husband are usually busy wrangling their three children or watching The Office on Netflix.

For more about Lizzy McMillan and her work, visit


Nicole Herdman – Nicole is the owner and artist behind Nicole Kathlyn Photography.  Nikki was recently voted as an international Top 100 photographer in the Babies and Children category of Shoot and Share’s Image Competition.  She runs a full time studio out of her home in Barrie, Ontario and has been in business for over a decade capturing newborn and family portraiture and films.  Nicole is also one of APNPI’s founding members!


Alli Peck – Alli Peck with Glow Portraits™ has been a photographer for 12 years and began specializing in newborn/maternity photographer 7 years ago.  She resides in a small rural town in northern British Columbia, Canada.  She’s a mama to 4 children and a wife of 19 years and manages to balance family, traveling while working full time. There’s nothing else she’d imagine doing than being a photographer who is able to create beautiful memories for her clients.