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Featured Photographer : Carrie Carpunky

Located in Alton, Illinois US

Name: Carrie Carpunky

Representing: Carrie Carpunky Photography

# of Years Experience: 10

There is nothing sweeter than a baby girl in green!

The most important things you can do is educated yourself on newborn safety. That should be the first thing you do before ever touching a baby.

Tell us about yourself. What do you love doing in your spare time? What inspired you to newborn photography and do you photograph other genre’s in your business?

Spare time? What is this spare time you speak of? It sounds intriguing! 🙂 I have a 19 year old daughter, so I know how fast time flies, so every free minute I can I love to spend with her & my husband. We enjoy watching ghost hunting shows & just spending time together. Our daughter was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida, so my love for photography grew from capturing her milestones. The doctors would give us a list of milestones that she wouldn’t reach & so when she proved them wrong, I was ready with my camera to document all of these things she was doing. After time, I decided I loved it so much that I would love to try capturing other families also. I photograph newborns, milestones & families!!! So many of these families have been with me from the beginning & are now little pieces of my family.

How would you describe your photography style? What inspires your work?

I hope my style is classic and timeless. I would hate to think that is 10 years someone would look at their walls & think, “what was that chick thinking when she put that stuff together?” LOL! I am very inspired by COLOR!!!! Gimme all the colors!!! I started this journey of newborn photography about as neutral as you can get, but the minute I started introducing color into my sessions, there was no looking back.

Who has inspried you and how did you first come across their work?

Oh goodness…this is one of the hardest questions for me to answer. The talent in this industry never ceases to amaze me daily. Tracy Joy Photography stands out as one that has amazed me from the beginning. I am lucky enough to call her not only my mentor, but a dear friend who is always cheering me on!

Another big inspiration for me was the amazing JME Photography. Jamie was such a ray of light in this industry & her loss is still felt. Everyone of her posts was like a little piece of sunshine & I miss seeing them in my newsfeed.

Hello Little Photography, Dewdrops Photography, Sonkissed Photography, Caralee Case Photography, & Josie Tan with Sunny Melon Photography all still inspire me daily.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone starting a newborn photography business?

I think one of the most important things you can do is educated yourself on newborn safety. That should be the first thing you do before ever touching a baby. Learning the safe way to pose & then educate yourself on every other aspect of newborn photography. It is a genre of photography unlike most, but it is so rewarding & worth the time spent!

What camera do you use? What are your favourite lenses and what’s typically in your camera bag?

I shoot with a Nikon D750 and I just love it. It is a total workhorse that somehow survives me tripping over it constantly! LOL! I shoot most of my newborn sessions with the 24-70 2.8. It is such an amazing lens. I also have the Sigma 35 Art 1.4, the Sigma 135 1.2, my nifty 50 which rarely sees the light of day anymore, & the Nikon 105 macro.

What is your favorite place to hold sessions and why?Where do you photograph most of your sessions? (in studio? on location?)

I just love my studio. It is definitely my happy place. I live in the midwest, so in the colder months, I shoot 99% in the studio. But when it is warm, I am definitely spread pretty evenly between indoors & out.

What (if any) photography training, mentoring or workshops have you taken?

I have taken quite a few workshops online & in person as well. I took almost all of the photography classes my local community college offered in the beginning. I was desperate to learn all that I could. Then I found the Illuminate Class by the Milky Way & that really helped my understanding of studio lights. I have taken multiple online workshops through the Happy Togs as well.

I hosted Kristen Vincent Photography about 5 years ago & she really gave me the bug for newborns, but it wasn’t until Tracy Joy Photography took me under her wing as my newborn mentor that I had my A-HA moments & my newborn business was changed. A couple of years ago, I hosted the fabulous Miss Amy Cook just to further my newborn knowledge & now I do a little mentoring here & there myself! 🙂

Tell us about starting your business, and what played a key role in developing a profitable income.

My business was literally started on a love for photographing my daughter & a love for photography in general. My in-laws graciously handed my their basement to set up a small little studio & I was off & running. I took in every bit of information I could find & was determined to see this business a success. Finally, I was busy enough to move into a studio outside of the basement & that was really when my business grew. I truly believe it was successful because of word of mouth. I have some amazing clients that are now like family to me that are always willing to recommend me to anyone looking for a photographer. I really owe it all to them & some hard work!!

Growing pains: tell us about some of your challenges you have faced in your business, and how you overcame them.

I have been so lucky to have not had a ton of growing pains! The most recent growing pains I felt were quite literally growing pains! LOL! I was in a 950 sq foot studio, & as a photographer that decided that newborns were my niche, I quickly accumulated a lot of props that led to me needed a bigger studio space. So in November of 2017, I moved into my current studio space of 1500 sq feet, plus a full basement for storage as well. It is right in the heart of downtown Alton, IL and is just the most perfect space!!

What should clients expect when working with you?

I tell all of my clients that I am a hot mess! LOL! I am not a shy person & introvert is not a description that fits me at all. I love to chat, I love kids, I love babies & they all need to be prepared to fit themselves into my little photography family. They most definitely will walk in as clients, but walk out family! <3

This gorgeous little girl is one of my fav images!!!!

These 3 tiny super heroes are just the cutest! And they are my cousins too! 🙂

A sweet little 8 week old man. He just melted me when he opened his eyes!!!

Handsome little bear cub!!!

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Airing Today – APNPI January 2020 – Accreditation Judging Event


The day has arrived!  Use the links below to view our most recent round of Accreditation Judging.

A warm congratulations to all of our makers for bravely entering this round of accreditation submissions!  We hope you’ll find the judges’ feedback helpful in the advancement of your journey as a maternity, newborn or baby photographer and thank you all for your submissions.

Recordings will be available for a period of 48 hours for replay. Best of luck to all of our members who have submitted for this round of Accreditations!


We at APNPI have been closely monitoring the current state of the COVID-19 situation and how it may impact our membership and the clientele you serve. In doing so, we are monitoring and following the recommendations and guidelines released by the Federal and Municipal Governments of our home country of Canada. We realize this is a rapidly developing situation and we will continue to monitor matters closely.

Public Health has strongly encouraged the use of widespread social distancing in all public settings. At this time, we can announce that we recommend all members cease sessions between now and April 6, 2020 at the earliest.

We recognize that these are exceptional times that require exceptional measures aimed to reduce the spread of the virus and reduce the demand on the health system. We realize this is a difficult decision and that our self-employed members will suffer immense financial consequences for this sacrifice towards the greater good.

Pregnant mothers have been added to the high-risk category. Additionally, we have seen multiple newborns infected with COVID-19. Long term outcomes are still unknown. The risk to the public at this point is too great.

For current and reliable information we encourage you to refer to your local Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Public Health Agencies.

As always, stay safe, stay healthy and remember to be kind, always!

The APNPI Team

Featured Photographer : Randal Martin

Located in Milton, Ontário CA

Name: Randal Martin

Representing: Babies & Bumps Photography

# of Years Experience: 12

This baby was full of giggles throughout her session. It made for a very entertaining shoot.

I highly recommend studying up on newborn safety handling. APNPI provides numerous amounts of information and is a great resource to study from. 

Tell us about yourself. What do you love doing in your spare time? What inspired you to newborn photography and do you photograph other genre’s in your business?

Hi my name is Randal. I remember when I met my uncle for the first time after him and my mother were reunited. He was from Hong Kong and was coming over to visit. I remember that he had a digital camera and I had never seen that before. I was already taking photos with a film camera, but this was instant. I loved using it so much I kept bugging him to borrow it. From there I was hooked on taking photos. Early in my professional years I started off taking photos of models in the fitness and fashion industry. From there I moved over to wedding photography, as I thought I could make more money from it. Although fun, I still didn’t feel a love for it. It wasn’t till my wife said I should try newborn photography. Because I love to work from home and my preference is to be in a controlled setting. I was hooked. The joy from the parents that received the images was the greatest gift of all. I soon realized there was so much more to newborn photography then just taking photos. I learned quickly that safety had to be most important thing in my studio. Editing the images and creating these heirlooms meant so much to me.

On my spare time I love spending it with my wife and now 2 daughters. We love taking vacations and going out. It is super important to me that I spend as much time with them as possible. This is why I love being self employed.
Other interests that people might not know about me, is that I am super into fitness. I train everyday in the gym as well I study Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga. On weekends, you can sometimes find me working as a bouncer in certain nightclubs.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone starting a newborn photography business?

For anyone first getting into newborn photography, I highly recommend studying up on newborn safety handling. APNPI provides numerous amounts of information and is a great resource to study from. Second, learn how to use your camera like its second nature. The worst feeling, is to be fumbling around with your settings in front of clients. Third, don’t go crazy buying all the gear and props. It can really add up fast and eat up all your profits.

What camera do you use? What are your favourite lenses and what’s typically in your camera bag?

I use a Canon 5D MkII. This has been my work horse for so many years and both my bodies have been all over the place in travels and through work. Although this year, I am looking at needing to upgrade. Still debating to go mirrorless or not.
As for lenses, when I photograph newborns I use a Sigma 35mm Art. Then when I’m outdoors shooting maternity or families I use mainly use my Canon 70-200mm 2.8USMII then I’ll switch pending what Im shooting between Canon 50mm f1.8 and Canon 24-105mm.
I am a gear head, so I have much more equipment, but this is my main setups.

What is your favorite place to hold sessions and why?Where do you photograph most of your sessions? (in studio? on location?)

All my newborn sessions are held in my in-home studio. On occasion I will shoot a lifestyle session at a clients house.
My maternity sessions are usually shot outdoors at various parks.

Tell us about starting your business, and what played a key role in developing a profitable income.

Starting a photography business is hard work. It is much more then simply taking photos and collecting money. To run a true profitable business, you need to really look at your numbers. Find out what you need/want to make and work back from there.
Aside from taking photographs, I had to teach myself website design and SEO marketing. I already had a background in marketing and sales, so that wasnt a problem for me. Next big hurdle I had to establish was legal operations. I had to organize all the contracts, establish a business name, insurance, systems in place for clients.
The biggest help with establishing myself as a full time photographer was actually networking with other photographers and seeing what they are doing and what was needed.

What should clients expect when working with you?

Clients can expect a relaxed and calm experience in the studio. The energy level in the studio is very soothing with spa music and natural oils calming oils in a diffuser. Parents often sit back, relax and even fall asleep during the sessions.

Sometimes these babies just have attitude and feel the need to stick their tongue out and flip me the bird.

Christmas is a time to be joyful and this baby was sure happy for it.

Thinking about when this session will be over with.

My baby girl, born January 29th this year.

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Styling a Sitter Session on a Budget – with Rebecca Danzenbaker

I was elated to learn I won first place in both the Spring and Autumn 2019 APNPI Image Competitions in the Sitters category!  It was even more exciting for me because I actually don’t do that many sitter sessions!  😀
I’m a low volume photography studio – limiting myself to only 8-10 sessions a month.  This schedule allows me to devote a lot of time to retouching my images (I spend 8-10 hours editing each session), and to keep up with the business and social media/marketing that needs to be done as well.
Most of my sessions are newborns and families, and at least 75% of my family sessions are returning clients.  I don’t offer a baby package because my schedule fills up very quickly (usually booked for the year by March), so I usually don’t have holes in my schedule that I can fill.  I also can’t afford to discount sessions when I need every bit of the income I get from such a limited number of clients.
So, all of that said, I usually only do around 8-10 sitter sessions in a year.  It simply doesn’t make financial sense for me to purchase a whole bunch of adorable sitter outfits and props exclusively for clients I don’t see very often…  so I don’t.  😀


Instead of purchasing a bunch of sitter props, I usually repurpose my newborn props for sitter sessions. This is a newborn bed that I love using with sitters. Not only does it have a low-profile, making it safer so that baby can keep her feet on the floor, the headboard and footboard are easy for baby to grab onto to support themselves.

This is another prop, a wooden box, that I use all the time for sitters. It’s low profile is so ideal for their short legs, and it’s easy to dress up by adding a simple scarf. I add a lot of scarves and wraps to my sitter sessions to fill the frame a little more and add some softness, but those are also items I purchased for newborns.
It is super helpful to have toys handy to grab the baby’s attention. I’ve invested in simple neutral-colored stuffed animals and wooden toys that don’t take away from or draw too much attention if they end up staying in the photos.

I also use a lot of silk flowers to dress up my photos. There are always great sales on flowers and coupons at Michael’s. These are versatile accessories that can be used for any studio portraits from newborns to senior portraits and maternity.

While I don’t purchase any sitter outfits, I do have a couple dozen hats for babies 3-9 months old. Sitters have so many wonderful baby rolls so it’s great to get some photos without clothing to show those off!

Sitters still love playing on their backs and tummy time as well! Use your studio’s sheepskins/flokatis to capture those cute moments.

Likewise, a lot of sitters can also stand with support!  I have a few of these benches that are just the right height to allow them to stay in a standing position, but double as stools for children to stand or sit on.  Make sure you select stools that have a wider base that the top so that they’re less-likely to topple over.  I always keep a parent within reach of their baby and then edit them out of the photo.
Balloons are a fun and inexpensive addition to baby’s first birthday session.  Walmart sells helium tanks and balloons in many colors.  I always send the balloons home with the parents after their session for a fun parting gift.

Incorporate the props that the parents bring! This little guy’s nursery has a Sesame Street theme, so mom brought along some of his favorite toys. These photos will be more meaningful since they incorporate props that he plays with everyday instead of ones I select from my studio.
Finally, remember that simple is beautiful, too! Sometimes my favorite images are the ones with only the baby in them.

Rebecca Danzenbaker is a Certified Professional Photographer, Qualified Newborn Photographer, Accredited Newborn Photographer in Posing, and two-time first-place winner in the Sitters Category of the APNPI Image Competition. Rebecca photographs newborns, babies, families and maternity sessions in Northern Virginia and the DC-metro area.

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Session Spotlight: In-Home Newborn Sessions and Their Lighting Challenges

Session Spotlight by: Jessica Nip Photography

When your newborn session takes place in your home, there are so many little nooks and areas where we can make beautiful portraits of your family. Sometimes they are the expected spots, like the crib or the nursery. But often I’ll find spots that you haven’t thought of because I always look for the best light first. And if that beautiful light happens to be in your hallway…then we’ll definitely make some portraits there!

But what happens if you don’t have any big beautiful windows in your home? Not to worry, I always come prepared with some light boosters (aka artificial lighting) and I make sure they are used in a way that mimics natural light. I promise you won’t even notice they were used when you see the final images. If you don’t believe me, just look at the set below – I used my light boosters in 4 of these pictures 😉

Oh, and I know you’ve seen this family here and there over the past year…I figured since I’m photographing their baby’s first birthday next week that I should finally post some highlights from their newborn session (eek!)

Session Spotlight by: Jessica Nip Photography

Jessica Nip  Jessica Nip Photography specializes providing a full service experience that starts with booking your session through to the beautiful tangible heirloom products being displayed in your home. She is an accredited professional newborn photographer with APNPI and her style of soft, natural and light-filled imagery can be seen in all her maternity, newborn, child and family portraits in Toronto, Canada. Her studio is located in Bedford Park, just north of Lawrence Park, and if you are interested in booking a lifestyle session for your baby or family, you can click here to view a summary of the sessions and products offered. Sessions can take place in her home studio, outdoors, or in your own home. Her favourite images are highlighted on the blog, but if you’d like to see what a full gallery looks like, please send her a note and she’d be happy to show you! To reserve a date, please click on the contact link above or email Jessica at

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Featured Photographer : Meagan Hauser

Located in Calgary, Alberta CA

Name: Meagan Hauser

Representing: Meagan Paige Photography

# of Years Experience: 4

This GORGEOUS momma-to-be came to my studio before our session to try on a bunch of my maternity gowns. She looked stunning in all of them so the choice of which gowns we were actually going to use was quite hard. Before she left I had mentioned that there is a gorgeous little lake at the spot we are taking photos and it would look cool if we did photos in the water, if she was willing. I honestly didn't expect her to say yes but she was totally on board.

Since we were going to get a little wet and going to be in the mountains I reminded her to bring a change of clothes, some towels, and some bug spray (because the bugs are so bad this year). Then just in case I also brought towels, water, bug spray, blankets, my little wagon, extra memory cards, and extra camera batteries. So I am thinking I have everything I could possibly need for any situation that could happen tonight at our session.

Guys ........ I forgot a change of clothes for myself! But of course that isn't going to stop me from getting this awesome shot so I go right in the water fully clothed (thank goodness I realized my phone was in my pocket before I went to deep). So I drove home with no pants on and was soaked up to my shoulders but I think it was 100% worth it!

When I was picturing photos in the water, I just pictured maybe going knee deep and this gorgeous lady kept joking she should float on her back and while it was a awesome idea I expected the water to be way to cold for that. But this girl is ADVENTUROUS and the water was surprisingly warmer than anticipated so her joke turned into a reality and I honestly think it is the best photo from the whole session (and there are SO MANY good ones).

Don’t try to copy other photographer’s work. Do a BUNCH of model calls and find what style best fits you and your business!

Tell us about yourself. What do you love doing in your spare time? What inspired you to newborn photography and do you photograph other genre’s in your business?

I am a total dog mom. When I am not taking photos I am cuddling my three dogs.

I am a vintage camera collection, so far I have about 50.

I absolutely love the color pink. My car is a Black Chevy Sonic Hatchback with Pink accents, Pink Rims and a Huge Pink and White stripe down the centre.

How would you describe your photography style? What inspires your work?

Light and Airy

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone starting a newborn photography business?

Don’t try to copy other photographer’s work. Do a BUNCH of model calls and find what style best fits you and your business!

What camera do you use? What are your favourite lenses and what’s typically in your camera bag?

Camera: Canon Mark IV
Lens: Canon 24-70 2.8
Whats in my camera bag?
– Camera, Canon 24-70 2.8, Sigma Art 50mm 1.4, Snacks, gloves, Knit Panda to make kids laugh, Matching Wallet for my House of Flynn Camera Bag

What is your favorite place to hold sessions and why?Where do you photograph most of your sessions? (in studio? on location?)

I love photographing Maternity Sessions in Canmore. The mountains make every session magical and when my clients choose to use some of my maternity gowns as well, it looks just like a fairytale.

For my newborn sessions, I do them in the comfort of my home. I have a HUGE prop collection and a great big window in my studio that helps with my light and airy look.

What (if any) photography training, mentoring or workshops have you taken?

– Workshop with Glow Portraits and Erin Elizabeth Photography
– Countless Creative Live Classes
– All of Rachel Vanoven’s Online Teachings
– Almost all of the Milkyway Retreats
– All the classes from Learn Photography Canada

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Meet the Spring 2020 APNPI Image Competition Judges!

Our Spring / Fall Image Competition is quickly approaching and we’d like to introduce you to our APNPI Judges! Judges have completed the APNPI Judges Training and are respected members of the industry spanning various styles and genres of maternity, newborn and baby photography.

Submissions are now open for all categories of our Spring/Fall Image Competition.  Want some support and feedback on which images would be good to submit?  Consider participating in our membership community group on Facebook to ask for feedback and critique! This is a great way to make sure your submission is ready and a wonderful way to experience image critiques before our image competition deadline dates.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions with our amazing judging panel!

Early Bird Submission Deadline:  April 7, 2020
Final Submission Deadline:  April 14, 2020

*Are you an accredited member of APNPI and interested in our judge training program? Email us at


Dana Pugh is an internationally recognized, award winning family and children’s photographer who has been documenting families across North America since 2007. She was named the first ever NAPCP Child Photographer of the Year for her work in 2010. She has a quirky, emotional style that focuses less on her and more on the people who are in front of her lens. Most importantly, she is a mom to two amazing kids and a wife to wonderfully supportive husband. Together they enjoy traveling the world and experiencing new things. Dana’s studio is located in Okotoks, Alberta.

Bryan Caporicci – Bryan is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer based out of Fonthill, Canada. In 2014, he was awarded his Masters of Photographic Arts (MPA) designation by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), making him one of the youngest Canadian photographers to receive this level of achievement. Bryan is the lead content creator at and the host of the Sprouting Photographer Podcast. He teaches at workshops across North America, including industry-leading conventions and conferences such as WPPI, Shutterfest and Canada Photo Convention. Bryan is also the CEO and Founder of Sprout Studio.

Autumn Skoczen – I am Autumn, owner of Ellie Mellie Photography! I have been a photographer for 5 years, having found my passion for newborn and maternity work as the first stepping stones of what started my business. Editing is something I really enjoy, and can get lost in photoshop for hours out of pure enjoyment! We are based out of Cleveland Ohio, and offer not only photography but in-person newborn safety classes, shooting, editing and posing workshops and will host shootouts from time to time as well. I am the proud mom of 2 boys, Auguste and Atreyu (yes from never-ending story!) and am engaged to their dad ( after ten years together)…. to be married July 2020. <3

Simone Silvério – Simone is passionate about motherhood kids, family and everything
surrounding this universe being herself a mother of four and recently a grandmother.

Despite having had photography as a hobby since her youth Simone had a very
successful 15-year career in the financial market with a Business Administration
degree and an MBA from one of the top Business schools in Brazil and later an
Architecture degree from the top institution in Brazil.

Since taking up the activities of her studio and becoming a full time photographer
in 2010 she has photographed thousands of newborns, babies and pregnant women,
becoming a reference in the Brazilian photographic market with online courses
published, repeated participation in all of the major events and conferences,
workshops throughout the country and a published book, “Baby Photography -Passion
and Technique” released in 2017 that became a key reference for all photographers in
that field.

Simone is also one of the founders and the first president of the Brazilian
Association of Newborn Photographers -ABFRN and a Certified Professional
Photographer of the prestigious PPA – Professional Photographers of America as well as an Ambassador for APNPI.