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What is an APNPI Accredited Photographer

What is an APNPI Accredited Photographer?

Our members are working hard and achieving great things, and you may have heard the term accredited starting to buzz around.  So just what is an APNPI Accredited Photographer?

Currently one of our highest levels of achievement, Accreditation in a category is a recognition beyond that of the QNP Certified Photographer.  It’s a recognition of above average quality of photographic artistry.  Holding accreditation demonstrates the member as a specialist in his or her chosen field and is a stepping stone toward earning their Craftsman and Masters Designations.  

To achieve the Accreditation level, a member must accomplish the following:

  • Successfully completing the APNPI Safety Course.
  • Successfully holding the QNP Certification.
  • Submitting 12 images in a chosen category to an APNPI Judging Panel.

The judging events are exciting to watch, and if you keep an eye on the social media page and/or the blog, you’ll be able to get access through the link and join as well!  

So you can see, an Accredited APNPI member is someone who has invested time and money in perfecting their craft.  They have a solid understanding of lighting, posing angles, artistic fundamentals, as well as the experience to get there in handling your baby safely, and providing a good solid client experience within their business model.  

When it comes to hiring a photographer, we’re confident you’ll not only notice a difference with APNPI Accredited Photographers, but chances are you’ll have a sense of really getting a special chance to work with a highly talented individual.

To date, we have just 13 members who have achieved this special level, and that’s approximately 1 out of 4 applicants who are successful! So very exciting indeed!

Take a peak at some of the very images that have passed our last two rounds of Accreditations… we hope you enjoy!  🙂 

Featured Photographer : Jennifer Smith

Located in Vacaville, Califórnia US

Name: Jennifer Smith

Representing: Jennifer Smith Photography

# of Years Experience: 6

This is my most favorite pose for newborns. I usually add in a little lovey as well.

Take an in person workshop. This is crucial. Not only is it worth the time and money- but you learn so much from the person. They are typically an open book. Ask a ton of questions and see all of the tips and tricks for achieving poses.

Tell us about yourself. What do you love doing in your spare time? What inspired you to newborn photography and do you photograph other genre’s in your business?

I’m 31 years old, have been married for 10 years, and have a beautiful 5 year old daughter, Emma. I am currently pregnant with our second daughter, Nora who is due on Christmas Eve. We live in Northern California, close to the Bay Area & Sacramento. In my “spare time” I love the treasure hunt of finding new props at the antique mall. My husband and I make wine with a group of friends as well. For vacation we always choose Disneyland- we love the mouse! My first ever shoot was my Father in Law’s small wedding in Bakersfield, California. I wanted to learn everything I could about photography, and once my daughter was born I simply fell in love with photographing babies.

How would you describe your photography style? What inspires your work?

My photography style is low key, simple, & organic. I really focus on baby, and try not to distract too much from their beauty with color combinations, or ample amounts of props. I like monotone combined with different textures.

Who has inspried you and how did you first come across their work?

Dewdrops Photography by Amy McDaniel is hands down my inspiration. I’ve actually taken her in person workshop. Taking that workshop was the best thing I could have done for the newborn side of my business. It gave me the confidence to work with newborns safely.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone starting a newborn photography business?

Take an in person workshop. This is crucial. Not only is it worth the time and money- but you learn so much from the person. They are typically an open book. Ask a ton of questions and see all of the tips and tricks for achieving poses.

What camera do you use? What are your favourite lenses and what’s typically in your camera bag?

I currently have a Canon 5D Mark III- but hopefully soon I can upgrade to the Mark IV. My favorite lens for newborns is the Canon 50mm L series. For outdoor sessions I love my Canon 135mm L series. I love the compression.

What (if any) photography training, mentoring or workshops have you taken?

In Person Workshop with Dewdrops Photography by Amy McDaniel
Belly Baby & Beyond Conference 2018
Milk & Honey Online Courses

I love a slightly relaxed tushie up pose. The way her little foot is out and not tucked under just makes her look more relaxed.

I like to go outside the box of standard gender colors- Pink for girls, Blue for boys. When a client allows me to use blue and green for a girl- I get excited!

Detail images are some of my most favorite- lips especially. The details of a baby are the things that change so quickly over time.

This little guy put his hand on his foot all by himself. It was a natural pose for him to go into. He looks so snuggly and sweet here.

Find out more about this photographer at:

Fine Art Maternity Portraits – Dallas Maternity Photographer – CLJ Photography

Written by: Cydnee Jex



Fine Art Maternity Portraits – Dallas Maternity Photographer – CLJ Photography

For the woman who is looking for that “Demi Moore style” (does that age me?!?) maternity portrait – I completely get you.  It was everywhere and inspired everyone.  Before that, women hid their pregnancy bumps in baggy clothing.  But she stood there naked and gorgeous and proud.  It was a major turning point in maternity photography. 

Women, since then, have embraced the idea of the fine art, maternity portrait.  The idea that the female body, creating life is completely and utterly amazing – a thing to celebrate! 

Since then, we’ve seen the maternity portraits of Marissa Miller and Gisele Bundchen to name a few and they are stunning.  So many photographers are doing the outdoor, candid look but there is something that just gets me with fine art, studio photography. 

I love using soft, diffused lighting but also dramatic lighting in every session. I especially love the moody ones! If these images inspire you like they do me – then I would love to discuss creating and designing your custom portrait experience at our studio.

HELLO, I’m Cydnee, a maternity and newborn photographer in the North Dallas, Texas. I believe everyone deserves to give their children beautiful, timeless portraits. Memories should be enjoyed everyday as art in your home. I love working in my studio but I have a wanderlust heart! I embrace adventurous couples desiring a bucket-worthy photo session!

See more of Cydnee Jex at

APNPI Accreditation Judging Event

Have you ever wondered how images are judged?

Come join us for our Accreditation Judging Event!  Follow along as our qualified judges provide critique and suggestions for improvement on our most recent APNPI Accreditation Submissions. Learn invaluable tips to improve your imagery from industry experts with an eye for detail. 

On Wednesday Dec 6, 2018, we’ll be airing our pre-recorded Accreditation Judging Event.  You’ll have access to the replays for 24 hours.

Best of luck to all of our members who have submitted for this round of Accreditations!

Meet the Judges


Heather Clemente is the owner and artist behind From the Heart Imagery located in Burlington, Ontario. She is a full time photographic artist that specializes in the art of Newborn Photography.  Currently in her 10thyear of business, Heather has documented over 500 newborns in her cozy, natural light studio.  She is an international award-winning photographer with a merit for her submission in a 2015 international image competition.  Heather is not only passionate about documenting fresh new babies, she also enjoys capturing children as they grow and change over the years.


Lizzie Gilmour – Award winning newborn, family and wedding photographer in New Plymouth. NZ. Mentoring and workshops for photographers.  Lizzie is also an APNPI Ambassador, who generously and passionately offers her time to conduct Newborn Safety workshops free of charge to local photographers.

See more of Lizzie Gilmour at

Lizzy McMillan is an APNPI Qualified Newborn Photographer, PPA Certified Professional Photographer, and APNPI Ambassador with a boutique maternity and newborn studio in Downtown Mesa, Arizona. She has specialized in newborn portraiture for nearly a decade and has photographed over 1200 newborns. Her extensive work with newborn twins, triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets has set her apart in the photography industry, garnered international acclaim and has earned her the apt moniker “The Multiples Whisperer™”. Lizzy is passionate about documenting family history and preserving the important moments in her clients’ lives. When she’s not snuggling newborns or teaching other photographers the art of photographing multiples, she and her husband are usually busy wrangling their three children or watching The Office on Netflix.

For more about Lizzy McMillan and her work, visit


Nicole Herdman – Nicole is the owner and artist behind Nicole Kathlyn Photography.  Nikki was recently voted as an international Top 100 photographer in the Babies and Children category of Shoot and Share’s Image Competition.  She runs a full time studio out of her home in Barrie, Ontario and has been in business for over a decade capturing newborn and family portraiture and films.  Nicole is also one of APNPI’s founding members!

Newborn Photography is a Job! | Information for Photographers and Parents – by Patricia Van Den Bogaart


Newborn photography is a JOB! Today once again shown that it is not always clear at all. Unfortunately I hear lately a lot of accidents with these small vulnerable newborns. When I started with newborn photography I said that I wanted to go and put this part of photography on the map in the Netherlands, but I had something else in vision than what it is now … that makes me genuinely sad and hurts me. Those who know me know that I am someone who will take action and step forward instead of just pointing the finger.Am I making friends with that … my experience NO but honestly … I don’t care that much about it. I am concerned about the safety of the newborns, which must never be a discussion in my opion. So just small talk for the sideline doesn’t suit me. I want to make a difference for newborn photographers. Not knowing all isn’t a bad thing, it gives you just the opportunity to learn things as long as you are open to it.

An investment in a newborn photographer is based not only on someone’s time or what you’re getting but mainly on the experience of that person and knowledge of the profession itself, and above all, the most valuable thing who will get in your life your own child who are you trusting to work with them a baby, vulnerable and small. As parents, you should be able to rely on the knowledge of the photographer, but unfortunately that is not always the case.


In this blog I want to start and point out a small part in newborn safety but feel free to ask to in the comments and certainly there will be more blogs about it. The only way to grow is to share…that is what I believe…


Newborn photography includes many facets that must all blend together to make a good photograph. An important aspect is safety in the widest sense of the word.


Safety is the most important thing with the newborn itself!


How did the birth go is a standard question where I start with. It creates a bond of trust with the mother / maternity nurse and it gives me insight that I need to consider or what I can expect. It is possible that they have broken a collarbone while given birth because the birth canal was to thigh or the birth went to quickly.


The KISS syndrome also occurs regularly. In short, this means that a vertebra is then shifted during birth. Caution applies that the poses where they hold the head up is not desired. Personally I think if you work with such a delicate thing like a newborn you need to have knowledge about newborns as well and not only about photography.


Newborn photography is much more than just taking a picture. The baby’s head is the heaviest part of the baby itself. It is approx. 25% of the total bodyweight of the baby. The cervical vertebrae are not strong enough to carry the weight of the head be itself so it is important that the head is supported at all times in any pose.



Especially when using props, it is important to pay attention to this in the pose where they are posed on the edge of the basket or bowl. In fact, the babies are not posed on the edge but they are pose on a pile of blanket so it looks like they are posed on the edge but in fact they are not. This way they are properly supported at all periods of time. Also being posed on the edge itself can cause a disruption of the blood circulation and secondly the newborn can tilt over faster with the head.


The blood circulation of a newborn is very sensitive because they have very fine delicate blood vessels so it can happen that a red or purple discoloration will appear in affected part. It happens mostly in hands and feet. This is because the vital organs need the most blood and small blood vessels such as the hands and feet get less blood. These are not fully developed because the vital organs in the base are more important. This can occur in each pose, and it is therefore important that this is adjusted, and the pressure of that spot taken down so that the blood circulation comes back on stream. A newborn that is asleep will not wake up because it is not pleasant so it is definitely something we should watch out for as a professional newborn photographer.


Hopefully you already got some information that is important during a newborn session. Always keep safety in the back of your mind while photographing a newborn.No photograph is worth that something will happen with a newborn.


Leave a comment if you have questions and I will make sure to wright more blogs about it.


Thank you for your time and attention to read this.
Love Patricia

Patricia is the owner of Patricia Van Den Bogaart Fotografie.

Specialized in fine art newborn photography that is pure, exclusive and timeless. Available in studio and location, working with natural light only.

Newbornphotography workshops & mentor focussed on quality not volume.

Workshops & mentor van hoog niveau gefocust op kwaliteit, niet op volume.

Bronze award BPP Germany Silver Qualification the Netherlands.

International Portrait Photographer of High Performance.


Written by: Yaffa Koff

I have new moms and dads in the studio all the time and they’re constantly asking me about baby products, baby advice, and what are the things they NEED in order to get through those early stages of parenting. So I decided, why not start writing up some blog posts to let everyone in on some helpful tips. As a mom of 4, I have a little experience in the world of parenting (wink, wink) and I’ve also asked lots of other moms for their opinions to help round out this post. I’ve also made things really easy by posting links for all items mentioned below. These items are in no way endorsed or sponsored by the companies that produce them, they’re just what I (and lots of other moms out there) really love!

So, whether you live near me in Silver Spring, Maryland, or an a city close by like Baltimore or Washington, DC, or even far, far away like New York or even California, this post is for you!

Here is the list of the top 10 MUST have items to pack in your diaper bag!

    1. Diapers:
      Now this might seem like a “DUH!” kind of item, but you’d be surprised how many times I’ve been out and about and realized that I’m totally out of diapers and forgot to restock. Those are definitely NOT some of my finer “mom” moments, lol! Now, the question still remains about what kind of diapers should you pack? I am personally a HUGE Pampers snob! I find that the diapers don’t leak and that it helps minimize baby rash. That being said, they are probably one of the most expensive diapers on the market. So in the interest of giving you a cost effective choice, I’ve went with the diaper that so many moms use which is Target Brand diapers.
    2. Wipes:
      Wipes are one of the most handy things you could ever back in a diaper bag. Not only are they needed for wiping your baby’s little tush when changing diapers, they are useful for so much more! They’re amazing for wiping dirty little faces that are covered in baby food, spit-up and runny noses. They are perfect for wiping a dirty spot on your clothes when you realized your baby just spit-up, peed, or even pooped all over you(ew!). They are perfect for wiping down the shopping cart before you place your baby in the seat, or the highchair at the restaurant when you go out to eat. They even come in handy as a makeup remover when you realize that you rubbed mascara all over your face because you’re just so very tired! Now for wipes I love using Pampers Sensitive Wipes when my babies are little. These wipes are soft, gentle and super loaded with moisture! When my babies get a little older, I switch over to Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes which are found exclusively at Costco. These wipes are excellent! They have plenty of moisture, come in self closing packs and are very economical for the price. Which now leads us into the next item all moms need in their diaper bag…
    3. Wipes Holder:
      Now you might say to me, Yaffa, why in the world do I need a wipes holder when I can just throw a full package of wipes into my bag and call it a day? I’ll tell you why. By the time you fill your bag with all the things you need, you’re going to find your shoulder is killing you from all the weight! By taking a wipes holder you’re minimizing the amount of stuff in your bag and your back and shoulders will thank you for it! Here’s a wipes holder that has great reviews, but in a pinch a Ziplock freezer bag will do just as well!
    4. Pacifier:
      Oh boy! I know I’m getting myself into trouble by putting this one on my list and entering the great “pacifier debate!” Well, let me tell you from my personal experience, I’ve breastfed all 4 of my kiddos and they all started with a pacifier from day 1. They never had an issue with nipple confusion, so I honestly think the whole thing is a joke! Now, I know I might offend some people with my strong opinions, but when it’s the middle of the night and baby won’t stop crying and it’s not because she’s hungry, that pacifier sure does come in handy! I’m a  big, big fan of the Nuk pacifier. They come in all different colors and patterns, have sizes that change as your baby grows and of course are BPA free. Now I don’t joke around when  it comes to pacifiers. The second my baby is born and I find out the gender (yes, I like to keep it a surprise!) I send my husband running to the closet pharmacy to get me a new Nuk. I do not like the ones that the hospital gives out, but that again is a personal preference. It’s always smart to keep an extra  pacifier in your bag, cuz those wonderfully pesky things have a way of disappearing just when you need it most!
    5. Nursing cover:
      Ok, now I just found out about this genius cover that triples as a nursing cover, receiving blanket and a swaddle! I’m super excited about this product and think that any product that has multiple uses is just fantastic! Baby Noomie is run by 3 moms, who just like us wanted their babies to have the best quality items that were out there. Now when you’re out and about you can feed your baby with a little privacy and then swaddle them up for a nap when you’re all done! How cool is that?!?
    6. Change of Clothing:
      Time for a reality check, if you think you’re gonna make it through an entire day without having to change your baby’s outfit, think again! Whether it’s from pee, poop, spit-up or drool, babies tend to go through several outfits in a day. Make sure to pack at least one if not two outfit changes. (It’s happened where I’ve been out and about and had to run into a local store to buy an outfit for my baby since I forgot to pack a backup! oy!) If you want to be really smart, you might even think to pack a backup top for yourself (like one of those compact, wrinkle free t-shirts) cuz’ you just never know what the baby will do to you! lol! Also make sure you pack extra nursing pads, cuz those tend to get gross really fast!
    7. Water bottles:
      I wrote “bottles” as a plural for a reason. As a new mom or dad who is exhausted ALL THE TIME it’s important to stay hydrated. So if you have a pack of disposable water bottles in your house make sure to grab one as you head out the door to pop in your bag. If you are the more eco friendly type, and want a reusable water bottle, this is a great option. I’ve also linked a separate blog post for those looking to compare different types of water bottles.  Now the second water bottle you need to pack is a baby bottle filled with sterilized water for your baby. It’s important for both bottle feeding and non-bottle feeding moms to pack this, especially in the Summer months when babies need extra hydration.
    8. Formula:
      For all moms who bottle feed this is a necessity! There are these wonderful formula holders that hold pre-measured amounts of formula and you just pour it into your pre-filled baby bottle and your good to go! You can find the link here. Now I know, this is another touchy subject, but let’s withhold judgement for all moms to decide for themselves. Though I breastfeed my babies I’m not above using formula in a pinch. Picture this, you’re in a store with all your kiddos, they’re jumping around like monkeys and the baby starts screaming and nothing will help because she’s hungry. Now you have 2 options at this point a) gather all your kids into the Target dressing room and hope and pray they don’t destroy everything in site, or… b) pop some emergency formula into that handy water filled baby bottle and suddenly peace will reign!
    9. Snack:
      Now we all know that tired parents need food to fuel them throughout the long days as well as water. So grab an energy bar or two and throw them in your bag and then thank me later! My favorite are the Kind Bars and the best part is that they come in all different flavors. If your baby is up to the stages of baby food or real food you’re going to want to make sure that you have plenty of extra snacks for them as well! My favorite thing to pack are Unsweetened Applesauce Pouches, since they work for children of all ages and are loved by all!
    10. Mini First Aid Pouch:
      Now I make my own little kit (aka a ziplock bag) with all the basic essentials, but it’s also a good idea to keep a larger premade kit in places like your car. For your diaper bag make sure you have essentials like bandaids, anti-septic wipes, baby Tylenol, baby Benadryl, and of course Tylenol or Advil for yourself (you never know when that exhaustion headache might hit!) It’s important to note that all medication be kept in a secure place that baby can’t get into and always remember to call Poison Control (800) 222-1222 if, God forbid, a situation ever does arise.

Now I’d love to hear from you, what are your diaper bag essentials? Let me know, by commenting below if you have something that must go on this list!

Yaffa Koff is a Certified APNPI Newborn through the first year Photographer located in Silver Spring, Maryland. She loves spending time with her husband and 4 kiddos as well as snuggling all the cute little babies that come into her studio! Yaffa’s goal is to help new parents capture their babies precious first moments with beautiful portraits to help them remember this precious first stage for a lifetime.

See more of Yaffa Koff at