APNPI Members Welcome Guide

Welcome to APNPI! We’re excited to have you on board our growing community of accredited newborn photographers.We’ve created this guide to help you to onboard and get the most out of your membership!

Follow the steps below to get started:


Your Welcome Page is where you will gain access to most of the important links you will need as an APNPI Member. When in doubt, this page should be your first go-to for important information!

Access this area to update your profile, find out about our membership perks and discounts, find links to your available courses (My Credentials), and dsicover opportunities to be featured on the site! You will also find pertinent deadline information in the pink sidebar and links to your profile, testimonials and badges further down the page.



The APNPI Safety Course is the gateway to all APNPI member offerings. It is incredibly important to us that our members are knowledgeable in the area of newborn safety and care. Thus, the APNPI Safety Course has been included with your membership fee and is a PRE-REQUISITE for all other APNPI credentials and acheivements. 

We acknowledge that, at present in our unregulated industry, it is not possible to provide certification in newborn safety as it pertains to conducting business as a Newborn Photographer. Instead, we offer you our training course along with the associated mandatory Safety Test to accompany each module of training. We currently offer 9 modules across 5 categories for comprehensive content in newborn physiology, reflexes, thermoregulation, conditions for consideration or concern, environmental factors and considerations, parental concerns, studio safety and general safety.  You must attain a 100% grade in order to pass the course.

Visit ‘My Credentials‘ in your Welcome Page to access the safety course and begin your journey with us as a Safety Educated APNPI Member!

Successful completion of the APNPI Safety Course unlocks beneficial member features such as our basic profile listing and access to the Qualified Newborn Photographer Certification.


  • APNPI Membership in good standing


The Qualified Newborn Photographer Application Process involves both the submission of imagery to the categories of lighting, camera functions, artistic composition, range of scenarios, and the client gallery as well as completion of your business details. Upon successful completion of the QNP, you are afforded a full directory listing that includes a gallery of images as well as the ability for past and prospective clients to submit testimonials and inquiries.

Much of your directory listing will be populated through completion of the business details section of your QNP Application.

You can access the QNP submission in the ‘My Credentials‘ section available to you either through your Welcome Page or through the Member Menu Dropdowns.  QNP Submission deadlines are on the 15th of every month, and you will receive results within a few weeks.  ***Note: This not a course, but rather is an assessment of what you have already accomplished with your business and photography development.***

Successful QNP completion unlocks APNPI Accreditation application functionality and allows you to move on to acquire Accreditation in any of 10 categories.

QNP Pre-Requisites:

  • APNPI Member in good standing
  • APNPI Safety Course

Accreditation in a category is a recognition beyond that of the QNP Certified Photographer and serves a acknowledgment of above average quality of photographic artistry. It requires the submission and review of 12 images to any particular category. The portfolio of images must meet all requirements of the category and are reviewed by an esteemed, trained panel of judges.

Accreditation can be earned in the following categories:

  • Maternity
  • Birth Photography
  • Fresh 48
  • Newborn – posed
  • Newborn – Naturally posed newborns.
  • Newborn Lifestyle – In home.
  • Newborn Environmental – Outdoors
  • Macro Imagery
  • Sitters
  • Family

Access to Accreditation Applications is available within the ‘My Credentials‘ page upon completion of the QNP Certification program. Expect results within 8 weeks of listed deadline dates.


  • APNPI Member in good standing
  • APNPI Safety Course Completion
  • QNP Certification

Members are afforded the opportunity to earn designations through APNPI programming. The organization currently offers two levels of designation including Newborn Portraitist Crafstman (NPC) and Master Newborn Portraitist (MNP).

Successful designations require the member to earn a combination of both service and image merits. Members must be active in the organization as volunteers and must apply to both Accreditation and Image Competitions in order to earn merits towards their designations. 


In the meantime, you can also take advantage of the following benefits of membership:
We’re here to help!  Email us anytime at clientsupport@apnpi.com