Written by: Jennifer Robyn

Meet the APNPI Judges!

Our Image Competition is quickly approaching and we’d like to introduce you to our APNPI Judges! Judges have completed the APNPI Judges Training and are respected members of the industry spanning various styles and genres of maternity, newborn and baby photography.

Submissions are now open for all categories of our Image Competition. Want some support and feedback on which images would be good to submit? Consider participating in our membership community group on Facebook to ask for feedback and critique! This is a great way to make sure your submission is ready and a wonderful way to experience image critiques before our image competition deadline dates.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions with our amazing judging panel!

Submission Deadline: Sep 28th, 2021

*Are you an accredited member of APNPI and interested in our judge training program? Email us at admin@apnpi.com

Autumn Skoczen

Award-winning photographer based out of Cleveland Ohio USA.  She specializes in maternity, newborn and fine art portraits with a heavy emphasis on the creative concepts in post processing! Autumn teaches photography regularly and loves judging and being a part of the growth of other entrepreneurs.  When she is not doing photography, you can likely find her as a doula in a birth or teaching a hypnobirthing class.  Its only natural that her love for maternity and newborns also includes a deep passion for birth as well <3

Irene Bibee

When viewing your image competition submissions, I am looking for authentic connections, beautiful light and creativity.

Irene is a Louisville, KY-based photographer specializing in elegant maternity, newborn, motherhood, and fine art photography. She is a published award-winning photographer. Irene came 12th in the portrait masters 2019 in the motherhood category with a silver award. She is a wife, mother, and nurse. Irene has been a photographer for 9 years. She found her calling photographing mothers and women. So for now I am have been full-time for 7 years as a photographer. She opened her studio with the belief that every woman deserves to have beautiful and timeless portraits of herself. I love helping women see their beauty and feel empowered, gorgeous, confident, and proud of themselves! Irene loves to design custom photo session designed to offer one of a kind experience that captures an individual’s inner strength and beauty in an elegant and modern style.

Caralee Case

I look for creativity, lighting techniques, composition and visually interesting images. One of the most important things I look for is focus, focus, focus!!!! And I love to see originality, special touches and small details that help tell the story and/or show your personality and style as an artist.

Caralee Case is a professional photographer based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho and is easily recognized for her use of vibrant, rich color, her attention to detail, and her ability to capture the essence and purity of new life. She is a part-time photographer and a part-time educator! Caralee has two amazing children, and a wonderful, supportive husband who are the joy and inspiration of my life and my business. She is a lover of family, food, fun and photography. Her enthusiasm for photography started with the birth of her first child. Caralee started her photography business in 2008 and it has been such a wonderful journey!!! She loves to meet new people, make children laugh, capture the beauty of new life, and share her passion for photography with others.


I am looking for an image that stops me in my tracks. Unique images. I love seeing contrast, the use of color and creativity.

Claudia Aguilar is the founder of Captured by Claudia Photography. Her studio is based in Texas, where she photographs mothers- to- be and babies. Photography found her by accident almost 10 years ago when her husband bought her her first camera. Claudia has always liked to share her knowledge, she therefore offers mentoring to help photographers to succeed and make a living from their passion. Claudia is known to be the photographer that LOVES to use COLOR in her images 🙂 It simply makes her HAPPY!

Jennifer Robyn

APNPI – Social Media Manager