¿Le gustaría ser fotógrafo destacado en APNPI?

Would you like to be featured with the APNPI membership and internationally?  Here’s your chance!

We LOVE featuring our members and there are many ways you can be featured here at APNPI.  In addition to being featured on Instagram and Facebook (#apnpiMember), we’ve set up three options right here for you to access.  Please feel free to select as many of these as you like, as often as you like.


Featured Photographer – this is our favourite way to show off our members and let our readers get to know you.  Fill out a Q&A interview in which you share a bit about yourself as a newborn photographer, and share some images that you love.  This is a great way to show your clients your worth, to have your work recognized around the world, and if applicable, to showcase items/services you offer to fellow photographers.


Session Spotlight – Have a session that stands out as one you particularly love?  This is the place to share it!  Upload your favourite images from the session and tell us about some of the details from behind the scenes.  Be it planning and execution, how a vision came to life, funny stories of behind the scene images, a special project, or anything at all you’d like to share.  This is a fun spotlight section that will appear periodically on the blog.


Submit an Article or Blog Post – This possibilities for this one are endless!  This is where you can submit anything and everything.  From educational tutorials to share with other members, to tips for our parents, or anything you’d like to shout out to the world on the blog.  The following are ideas, but please feel free to offer any idea you have beyond these!

  • Have something to tell clients around the world
  • Latest photography trends for the parents section, or for photographers too!
  • Any tips or tricks of the trade
  • Special photographic projects
  • Special endeavours you volunteer for or contribute to
  • Community event that you are participating in
  • Press releases you’ve had published
  • Raising funds for a cause?
  • Anything special you offer and are proud of and want to share
  • excited about a new prop and the beautiful images resulting?
  • Any idea you can think of that you’d like to share with the community