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Teresa Yiu
Richmond, TX
United States (US)

Member since February 9, 2019

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Teresa Yiu Photography, LLC

With a special love for neutral palette, pure light & layered texture, I offer my talent in art and photography honestly and beautifully, and my brand speaks for itself in its simple and timeless style portrayed, as well as the tailored experience I deliver to my clients.

I love babies: the squishy little toes, sweet smiles, and tiny button noses. My goal as a photographer since 2015 is to reflect on true, untouched, unposed expression of my client's baby as themselves.

I was selected as NAPCP Best Emerging Photographer finalist 2017. My sessions have been featured in NAPCP, and Mommahood.

As a grateful wife and devoted mother, I love spending time with my family, as much as solitude moments in reading, journaling, enjoying my morning cappuccino and viewing the sunset sky.

Registered Business · Insured · Bonded

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What others are saying…

I had used Teresa for my 1st sons newborn photos and loved her work so much I had to use her for my second son. My son was so fussy during the shoot. Teresa was so calm and worked with him. She didn’t force anything! She let his true personality shine! Teresa has a way of capturing the true beauty of a newborn. Her style is Soft and natural, never cheesy. I have used her twice now with my boys. I can’t wait to do more shoots with her in the future!

~ Missy Spears

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