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Preethi Sriram
Bangalore, KA

Member since February 19, 2018

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Studio provisions:

  • Handicap enabled facility
  • Stroller friendly
  • Change table available
  • Private breastfeeding area
  • Peanut-free area
  • Allergen free area
  • Safe child play area

Pretty Pictures Photography

When I embarked the journey of motherhood a few years ago, I realised how important it is to preserve every moment of it and relive those times repeatedly as we watch ourselves growing older over the years.

The epic journey each woman makes when carrying their child is a moment to flaunt – the power and beauty of motherhood. And, before you know, the joys of the little bundle’s arrival and the fleeting moments fade away into the past.

Your special moments of today are soon going to be lost memories of tomorrow. They deserve to be captured and remembered, preserved and passed down from your generation to the next. Capturing them right away, will definitely bring back memories of those tiny details that brought a smile on your face or even had you fall off the couch laughing your heart out.

Allow me to capture those lovely moments and create stunning portraits you will fall in love with and keep them close to your heart forever.

Get in touch to schedule your consultation, where we will go over all the details and design your session together.

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  • Pricing Menu Available
  • Digital only
  • Ordering methods offered: In person ordering, Online ordering
  • Delivery Methods Available: Studio pickup, Pickup at other location, Personal delivery, Electronic delivery
  • Props and costumes provided. You can bring your own to use as well.
  • Experienced with multiples (twins, triplets, etc)

What others are saying…

I would like to take a moment to appreciate Preethi Anirudh for the incredible passion that she has for photography. It shows in her pics. A nice way to make the moms to be happier. I really admire ur passion n Wish u loads of success.

~ Chaitanya Lakshmi

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