Master's Designation

The Master’s level is a prestigious achievement that demonstrates the highest levels of excellence in Newborn Photography. At the Master’s Designation level, members are expected to compete, and will earn points toward their masters designation with their entries that meet the required marks.

Currently there is one Master’s Designation to work toward, followed by our most highly esteemed Grandmaster Designation:

Master Newborn Portraitist (MNP)

Awarded for superior photographic skills demonstrated through accreditation, competition and industry specific service.  This Designation is for the photographer who demonstrates the utmost excellence in their creation of art, and gives back to their community through education and/or service.

To be classified as an MCNPA, you will require the following:

  • Minimum of 3 Accreditations
  • Minimum of 3 images in APNPI International Competition scoring over 80
  • Merits in education service
  • Successful Master Portfolio Review

Grand Master Newborn Portraitist (GNP)

The highest and most prestigious award.  The GNPA is awarded for top performance in competition, advanced education and service to the industry.

To earn a GNPA, you will require the following:

  • Minimum of 8 Accreditations
  • Minimum of 5 images in national Competition scoring over 80
  • Successful Grandmaster Portfolio Review
  • Merits in industry specific service