We at APNPI have been closely monitoring the current state of the COVID-19 situation and how it may impact our membership and the clientele you serve. In doing so, we are monitoring and following the recommendations and guidelines released by the Federal and Municipal Governments of our home country of Canada. We realize this is a rapidly developing situation and we will continue to monitor matters closely.

Public Health has strongly encouraged the use of widespread social distancing in all public settings. At this time, we can announce that we recommend all members cease sessions as a non-essential service until further notice.

We recognize that these are exceptional times that require exceptional measures aimed to reduce the spread of the virus and reduce the demand on the health system. We realize this is a difficult decision and that our self-employed members will suffer immense financial consequences for this sacrifice towards the greater good.

Pregnant mothers have been added to the high-risk category. Additionally, we have seen multiple newborns infected with COVID-19. Long term outcomes are still unknown. The risk to the public at this point is too great.

For current and reliable information we encourage you to refer to your local Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Public Health Agencies.

As always, stay safe, stay healthy and remember to be kind, always!

The APNPI Team