Membership Benefits

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Benefits of APNPI membership include…

  • connect with like-minded people, form new friendships, and find mentors.
  • be listed in our comprehensive Newborn Photographer’s Directory which is search engine optimized to draw prospective clients.
  • be a part of a passionate global community with access to a wealth of experience and knowledge.
  • Opportunity for image critique.
  • Opportunity to enter image competitions, and earn awards and designations.
  • Opportunity to earn Accreditation in Newborn Photography, and other categories
  • Access to:

Membership Perks – Enjoy savings on services, insurance, and products that you and your clients will love!

Professional Development – Certifications, accreditations, Newborn Photographic Arts Designations, Merits, etc.

Education – Webinars, tutorials, podcasts, articles, local seminars and workshops, regional conferences. Everything you need in one place!

Image Competition – Enter your images for a chance to win awards, earn recognition, and receive valuable critique.

Recognition as a Professional Newborn Photographer – You’re passionate about your craft and have spent countless hours honing your skills.  APNPI provides opportunities to earn recognition as a Professional Newborn Photographer through certifications, accreditation, image competitions, APNPI online directory, and more.

Resources – Connect and learn with APNPI’S community of professionals, articles, sample forms, contracts, APNPI logos, webinars, marketing ideas, networking, legal advice and more.

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