APNPI Team Opportunities

We are looking for vibrant people to become part of the APNPI Team!  We are constantly adding new exciting programs and initiatives, and will often look to bring on more members to the APNPI Team.  If you love to be a part of exciting new creations and initiatives, and love to have fun when you work, then you will want to keep an eye out here!

All of our Team Positions are either paid contract work, or volunteer positions that serve as opportunities for members to earn Merits toward their Craftsman Designation.

Current opportunities

Volunteer for Merits Opportunities

Volunteer for Merits Opportunities

Blog Writer & Curator – This position will involve writing and curating blog posts for the APNPI Community blog on the apnpi website.  The goal is to provide 1 high quality blog post per week that aims to provide helpful, inspirational, and actionable content for Newborn Photographers.  Some of these articles will be written by you, while others may already be posted elsewhere and can be reposted with permission of the author.  

Responsibilities will include:

  • Curate a list of topics for the APNPI Community blog for the entire 2021 year.  Aim for 1 per week.  
    • Topics should be relevant to what’s going on with the seasons and also with the apnpi calendar.  ie: Christmas minis, Business focus in Jan, Competition prep near the competition entry times.  (We’ll give you access to the apnpi calendar to see what is coming up).
    • All topics must be approved prior to writing and publishing.
    • You may repost from other sites – first please have the post approved, and then secure written permission to repost.
  • Blog Writing
    • Focus on being helpful, inspirational and actionable.
    • Keep in mind your audience is Newborn Photographers, not just photographers in general.
    • No need to limit to Posed Newborn topics, but instead be sure to expand to all genres of Newborn Photography.
    • Include plenty of imagery for a pleasing display and easy to read content.
    • Actionable steps are easier to absorb in bullet lists rather than paragraphs, so be sure to utilize that in your writing.
    • Include a call to action at the end.
  • Reposting
    • You may secure permission to repost on topics that are not in your expertise.  Please remember to get approval from APNPI prior to requesting permission from the author to repost.
    • Reposts should always include links back to the original post.
    • Whenever possible, try to repost from APNPI members so that we are supporting our community.


Parent Blog Writer & Curator – This position will involve curating blog posts for the main photographer’s community blog.  The goal is to provide 4 high quality blog posts per month that aim to provide engaging content for parents in the three main topics of 1) Safety & Hiring a photographer, 2) DIY at home photography tips, 3) Latest trends in photography.  To source articles, we encourage you to peruse work by apnpi members, and to find articles already posted.  Your responsibility will include contacting the author and requesting permission to repost.  Then, submitting posts for approval, and once approved, uploading the content to the website.  Apply by emailing info@apnpi.com

Paid Opportunities

Paid Contract Opportunities

Academy Faculty CoordinatorCurate a diverse educational content for the academy.  The successful candidate must be personable, organized, have great communication skills, and preferable have 2 years of experience in related work.  This is an equal opportunity position – we do not discriminate against people with disabilities and/or people of visual minority ethnicities.  Responsibilities will include:

  • Community reach out
  • Communication with senior executive 
  • Educator liaison
  • 10 hours a month
  • Hours are flexible
  • Term: 3 month – option to extend 

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