Qualified Newborn Photographer Certification (QNP)

One of our key focuses at APNPI is in educating clients how to distinguish professional photographers from hobbyists.  The QNP certification is a standardized indicator that communicates what type of service can be expected from a QNP certified photographer.  This is your chance to demonstrate everything you have built and accomplished in your business, and show the world what they can expect from you!

The meat and potatoes:  The QNP Certificate demonstrates proficiency as a photographer skilled in lighting, camera functions, artistic composition, and working with a range of family scenarios including multiples, siblings, and family portraiture.  Clients can expect that QNP photographers are either well established in business practices, or emerging in that area, have successfully passed an extensive business portfolio review, and are striving toward, or have completed levels of Accreditation.  They are capable of taking on a wide range of photography challenges, and have demonstrated competence and proficiency in producing a well rounded and satisfactory gallery for any given client.  This certificate is an excellent indicator that separates a skilled professional from the hobbyist.

Below is the criteria to be met in order to earn your QNP.  In the course section, you’ll find course material to help you through these steps.  They are a helpful resource to those who need them, and are also optional, so can be by-passed by advanced members.  ** For Early Bird Members, these resources will be available in the next while… watch for updates on the welcome page for info on new content added.

QNP Submission Criteria

1. Image Portfolio – 20 images

Your Image Portfolio must will demonstrate your skill in lighting, camera functions, artistic composition, and working with a range of family scenarios including multiples, siblings, and family portraiture.  You must include images that demonstrate the criteria listed below.  Some of the criteria will be evident in all images, and others will be image specific.  (For example, white balance and exposure are expected to be consistent in all of your images).  Use the list below as sort of a check list to ensure you’ve covered each element within your 20 submitted images.

Lighting: both indoor and outdoor

Demonstrate use of camera functions:



White balance

Lens choices in different settings

Editing – the finishing touches to your images.  No need to submit before and after images, just the final images that you consider ready to deliver to a client.

Demonstrate ability to work with a wide range of family scenarios




Family portraiture

2. Client Gallery

Demonstrate a well rounded and satisfactory gallery for a client.

Show what a typical client gallery looks like.  Every photographer offers a unique product in their final galleries.  With this in mind, explain what makes your client gallery a well rounded one.

3. Business Portfolio Review

The purpose of your business portfolio is to demonstrate that you have well established business practices, that will ensure a good experience for your client.  You must demonstrated the following criteria:

Studio Policies ie: Do you have hours of business?  Payment structures and methods,  Image ordering and delivery methods, etc.

Consent forms, and contracts

Welcome guides

Pricing menus

Types of sessions you include and specific details that clients should know.

Methods of dealing with client complaints.

Describe some client challenges you’ve had and how you dealt with it that demonstrated your professionalism.

Safety considerations you have in place.

Client comfort details.

Safeguarding yourself with the proper business registrations & insurance

Business Identification Number (BIN) and Business insurance certificate

To Submit your QNP Criteria

The process for submission and uploading your images will be available soon, and will be announced in the Welcome area when available.