Judges Contract


WELCOME!  We are honoured to have you aboard as a judge with APNPI.  So that we are all on the same page, we ask that you review the information below and click on the agreement button.

The goal of APNPI in providing judging events for Accreditations and Competition, is to provide opportunities for members to learn, push themselves, and achieve their goals while elevating industry artistic standards as a whole.

Responsibilities and Expectations

APNPI Judges agree to:

  1. Review Policies and Procedures provided in the judging packet prior to the scheduled judging date.
  2. Review of submissions ahead of time:
    • Identify submissions that you think ought to be disqualified, and provide your reason.
      • Identified disqualifications should be reported within 48 business hours from access to submission files
    • Familiarize yourself with the images so that if called upon, you would be able to provide two to three comments. For those you do accept, be prepared to defend images with commentary in the case of a challenge.
    • Should you recognize a maker and find yourself unable to provide an objective judgement, please recuse yourself from the selection.
      • Identified recusals are due within 48 business hours from access to submission files.
    • During judging, please comment only when called upon by the chairperson
    • Be concise but also consider utilizing the OREO effect… start with a positive, offer a constructive solution to a problem you see, then finish with an encouragement.
    • Limit negative feedback to TWO points.  The maker can only reasonably take in one or two critiques at a time, so choose the most obvious to help elevate the work. Absolutely no nitpicking is necessary.
  4. Attendance and promptness:  
    • Please be mindful that the event cannot take place in the event of absenteeism, tardiness, or early departures.  Your attendance as a judge will be advertised in advance to our membership and beyond. Makers will be anticipating your presence. Please refrain from scheduling clients, appointments, childminding or other conflicting duties during the times you have committed to judging.
    • Please report any illness 24 hours in advance (or ASAP) wherever possible.
  5. Profile image and Bio:
    • Please submit a headshot and short biography (~500 words) within 72 hours of receipt of this contract
APNPI Judges Agreement