APNPI Certification

APNPI Certifications are rooted in our Code of Ethics, and are earned internationally as recognition of a photographer’s foundation, knowledge, competence, and professional standard.  Whether you are established or an emerging photographer, certification seals are designed to provide a specific title that serves to uphold professional status.  They are quality assurance to clients and make excellent components in your marketing.  They are now available to Newborn Photographers around the world!

New to Newborn Photography?  We offer comprehensive courses to guide you through both your Safety Education and your Qualified Newborn Photographer Certification.

Already established as a Newborn Photographer?  Earn your QNP Certification right away, have a full gallery visible in your Directory Listing, and move right into earning accreditations.

Advanced photographers, mentors and teachers  will be interested in earning their Masters Designations, and will have opportunities to find mentorees, advertise their available courses and workshops, and have opportunities to submit featured articles.


APNPI is working on your behalf.

Your certifications will allow you increased exposure, through our online directory as well as through the direct marketing and education we provide to parents.

APNPI Safety Awareness Course

The APNPI Safety Awareness Course has been developed specifically to create awareness about the unique needs of infants in photography.  Note – this is not a certification.  We recommend all members take in person safety training and infant CPR in their local communities.

Qualified Newborn Photographer Certification

The Qualified Newborn Photographer (QNP) Certification aims to recognize competence and professional standard for those who earn their living as Newborn Photographers.  It is designed to provide a specific title to uphold professional status, and is a basic quality assurance certification now available to Newborn Photographers around the world.