Learn, Grow, & Thrive!  Broaden your horizons, get involved, and get inspired!

Merit Award Image: by Tina Kraft

Get the best of both worlds!

Mini-Series Episodes: Delve into step by step classes, get involved with the homework challenges, and watch your skills grow!

Masterclasses: When you just want to be inspired and take it all in from the best!

1. Thrive Mini-Series Collection – Fun, bite sized and actionable.  Each series is cohesive and consecutive to guide and empower students, complete with challenges that serve to focus, excite, and empower tangible growth.  Each series is comprised of 4 to 6 short episodes.

2. Inspire Masterclass Collection – Unique, inspiring and invigorating.  A chance to think outside of the box and dig deeper, these classes excite and nourish the creative spirit.  Approx hour long episodes.