APNPI Academy Teacher Application


Brand new and scheduled to launch SPRING 2021!!!  The APNPI Academy will be an educational subscription based platform that will release new educational content on a regular basis throughout the year.

Interested in teaching at the APNPI Academy?  Our community is looking to provide unique and actionable content to inspire and help our members elevate their art and business.

We’re looking for vibrant and inspirational educators to present topics they are passionate about and love to teach.

We are currently scheduling two types of educational content:

1. Thrive Mini-Series Collection – Fun, bite sized and actionable.  Cohesive and consecutive to guide and empower students.  Challenges serve to focus, excite, and enable tangible growth.  Exciting and empowering, these are rewarding to teach!  Each part in the series is under 10 min.

2. Inspire Masterclass Collection – Unique, inspiring and invigorating.  A chance to think outside of the box and dig deeper, these classes excite and nourish the creative spirit.  Approx hour long episodes.

Thrive Mini-Series – Want to know more?

  • Each Mini-Series has 5 parts, (or other pre-agreed upon amount), each part being under 10 minutes in length.
  • Each part has a simple, actionable homework challenge, with a call to action.  (ie: “Your homework challenge is to try these editing tips on an image of your own.  Be sure to share your results under the course thread in the fb group and use the hashtag #xxxx”!)
  • Each Challenge has a hashtag named by the instructor, so that members taking the course at a later date can search for and find the discussion.
  • APNPI will post the Challenge thread in the fb community group when the series part is released.
  • Educators are asked to encourage students as they submit their Challenges in the community fb group during the release week of the series part.  After that we understand you are busy and on to other projects!
  • Each part will be released separately, one week at a time.
  • Educators are invited to take part in a feature Q&A Interview.
  • Thrive Mini-Series episodes differ from the Masterclass series by focusing on actionable growth-focused Challenges.  Inspire Masterclass episodes deliver in-depth explorations of a topic much like what you would find at a conference workshop.


Apply here by filling out the application below.

APNPI Academy Teacher Application
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