Lifetime Discount Below!

APNPI is growing into a globally recognized brand and educational membership. We are so happy that we get to support photographers like you from all across the world to help improve your knowledge and skills in working with newborns!

We want to make sure we can continue serving and building a community of newborn photographers worldwide. To do that we have TWO BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS to make!

ONE: Updates to price structure

As a current member of APNPI, you pay $25 CAD per month or $249 CAD annually. In order to continue growing worldwide, we are changing the monthly price and currency. Moving forward the monthly cost of membership for NEW members will be $20 USD per month or $199 annually USD. Your current renewal will stay the same unless you upgrade to the Premium Membership.

(We’ve adjusted for the price conversion in your favour!)

TWO: New membership tier providing access to APNPI ACADEMY!

You asked, we listened! Our members have asked for additional resources to improve their knowledge and skills. To do this, we’ve brought together 20+ instructors to provide valuable content and a meaningful community to grow as a newborn photographer.

The APNPI Academy is designed to develop and enhance your business and photography skills.

We’re creating a Premium membership, which provides access to everything in our Standard Membership, PLUS full access to the APNPI Academy (launching May 15).

When you upgrade to premium membership, you’ll receive a pro-rated refund to adjust for the amount you have already paid so far on your yearly or monthly membership, and then you will move forward with a new renewal date.




Get access to:

  • 12+ Inspire Masterclasses – Each about an hour-long these courses are designed to get you thinking outside the box and digging deeper into your business and photography skillset. 
  • 12+ Thrive Series courses – Each series contains 4 to 6 short episodes. Without growth we become stagnant. These courses are designed with fun bite-sized actionable steps that will have you focused excited, and empowered to expand your skills and business as a photographer. 
  • Bonus Content for Organization and Academy members added several times yearly
  • Full Sneak Peek Academy content 
  • Complimentary Image Competition Entries
  • 15% off Accreditation Submissions


Why Try the Premium Plan?

1. Get access to all the valuable content mentioned above.

2. Lock in your exclusive member discount price for life! 

    • We will be increasing the price for our Memberships for all NEW members on May 15.  If you are already an APNPI member, you will be locked into the prices below for the life of your membership:

      *** For 7 Days ONLY, get $100 off the annual Premium membership! ***      Until April 30:  Annual Premium Membership: Regular: $497 USD / year

      SALE: $397 US / year  ($100 off!!  ONE TIME Deal – 7 DAYS ONLY!)

      May 1 to May 15:
      APNPI Premium Membership: $40 US/month or $449 annually (save $50 on the annual and $7/month on the monthly!)

3. Get immediate access to sneak peak courses!

    • We have content already available on the Academy! Access the sneak peak content immediately, and the full library of content starting May 15.

If you want immediate improvement in your work. 

If you want to save time and money. 

If you want access to industry leaders’ time and knowledge. 

If you are interested in life-long learning, growth, and development as a photographer.

Then the APNPI Academy is for you!


Have questions about our price changes or the new Memberships option? Email our team at

Thank you,

The APNPI Team